Glasgow Airport Aviation Enthusiasts Club
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G-AOVC Britannia of Donaldson International from many years ago (photo by John Martindale)
G-AOVC Britannia of Donaldson International from many years ago (photo by John Martindale)

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The Club
The Club has been running since the airport opened in 1966, having had several clubrooms over the years at varying sites and of various sizes. Currently we have premises in Inchinnan Road, adjacent to the General Aviation Terminal, where Area J and the runway can be seen.

About Ourselves
TThe Club is limited by premises safety to fifty full members, although we currently have a small number of vacancies for membership.
Members’ interests cover the full range of aviation , some having an interest in military, some in civil, and many in both, either historic or current.
A daily log is maintained at the clubroom, and is available to view at any time.
A wide selection of periodical magazines, specialist magazines and up to date registers are made available for Members to keep up with current happenings, fleet changes and new registrations.
Old USA and Canadian microfiche are a necessity for checking aircraft no longer current, and therefore not available on line on the net. We aloo have a working microfiche reader on the premises to use.
Key magazines are kept dating back to the 1970s for anyone with a query from the past or just wanting to reminisce.
Since the opening of the airport a careful note has been kept of every first visit by all aircraft that have landed, and this computerised master log is a mine of interesting information for anyone chasing a gap in his log or confirming an identity. The club also has a collection of photographs and slides taken at the airport over the years.
A wide range of classic aviation books is kept in the Club for members to read or browse through, many of which cannot now be obtained.
Facilities include a radio, television (with Freeview) binoculars, and a food cupboard for the hungry spotter, where prices are lower than the shops, and any profits go into funds to run the club.

All this for only 42 a year (that’s around 85p a week). We have managed to keep the fees the same now for over five years !
This is less than a subscription to one decent periodical. And you get around fifteen to read every month, as well as Flight every week.

If you are interested in further details of the club, drop me an EMAIL at the address below, or call in at the premises to see what we have.

Stewart Davidson

140 Inchinnan Road
Abbotsinch Road

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